December 1, 2008 1:06pm CST
Is there anyone out there that's experiencing blue screens with their Vista operating system? I have been having this problem since I purchased my computer two years ago. Can anyone tell me what can be done to help with this problem? Also the computer seems to be getting slower and slower. Is anyone having the same experience that I am having? Can anyone help?
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• India
2 Dec 08
Please change your operating system. Vista having stability problem. Install windows xp service pack 2 and above. Microsoft vista is useless software. Better don't use it.
• India
1 Dec 08
wait.. ur gettin a bluescreen on vista ALREADY?? i havnt got tht much.. only 4 in like 5months!
1 Dec 08
Our son change our Vista back to XP because the computer was going slower and slower. He said that a lot of people have been having this problem.