My Country - is it really the worst?

@dralon (88)
December 1, 2008 1:57pm CST
I was just thinking, is Zimbabwe really the worst place to be right now? I have not seen a positive news article on my country for more than a year. I was just wondering how other people out there view us. I have lived my whole life in Zimbabwe and I love it to bits, we have serious economic problems but should we be made to suffer coz no-one in the world seems to agree with the powers that be in our country? We may need less that one billion USD to put food on the plates of millions of starving people here. When i hear of billions of dollars going into bail outs of banks i just wonder, surely human life is more important that which bank collapses and which one does'nt? By the way comments on how you view Zimbabweans and what should be done to halp them will be appreciated, especially if you are not a professional political/economic analyst. Thanks
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@ronnyb (6117)
• Jamaica
19 Dec 08
Based on what I been seeing on the news ,it would seem that Zimbabwe has been going through some really hard time .With the devaluation of the dollar, the high inflation ,the social unrest, high and high unemployment. It would seem that none of the systems in Zimbabwe are working and it’s a nation on the brink of collapse. I don’t think it is irredeemable but I don’t think present leadership can do it. I think it will require input from external forces and not the kind that will have an interest in acquiring Zimbabwean assets for their own enrichment. I am thinking a consortium of person from a multinational background whose only aim is humanitarian. My reason for saying present leadership both in power and in opposition not suitable is that I think the world views Mugabe as brutal dictator and consequently has no confidence in his abilities and this mean that valuable aid organizations will boycott Zimbabwe and similarly foreign direct investments. No one wants to send aid to a country which is ruled by a dictator for fear the aid will not be evenly allocated and no one wants invest in country that is unstable and many person view the current state has being solely his fault .I will not a debate on whether this is his fault or not, just that it may be best if he steps down if only for the restoration of confidence in the Zimbabwean government. After a step down of the present leader. I think new leadership should be sought ,not sure if opposition is suitable but at least in the interim and along with the multinational consortium seeks to attack specific problem in Zimbabwe. First, the economic problems should be given attention, starting with a revaluation of the Zimbabwean currency. I am no economist but maybe they need to start with an interim currency until that can be sorted out, maybe they could even adopt the South African currency for owned the need to lobby for a write down of debts owed by Zimbabwe to developed countries, at any rate these debts will not be paid with a deflated economy like theirs, so might as well give them some breathing space while they sort out their internal affairs and kick start the economy. Zimbabwe needs to start producing again, so I am thinking loans from multinational agencies like IDB and World Bank to start local industries which are owned by native’s .This will have the dual effect of generating foreign exchange and employment. Agriculture is one such industry that needs assistance and I don’t mean subsistence farming, I mean a more meaningful practice.Mugabe started a redistribution program, I think this should be continued but done in a different way .I think the land should be bought from these land owners at concessionary rates . With all of these economic policies in place next concentrate on the social infrastructure, the schools, training institution, community organization health institutions etc. All the will seek to improve the quality of life of citizenry and once the economy is well then there will be money available for these activities
@Zorrogirl (1503)
• South Africa
15 Dec 08
May i ask why you want other countries to give zim their money. What have zim done in the past 2o years to deserve it? the brits left it with a thriving economy. If the government is so great in your opinion, then live with it.
• United States
1 Dec 08
First let me say I don't claim to know anything about Zimbabwe, but my impression is that the government there really screwed things up for many years, causing massive inflation and a bunch of people to have to move out and support their families by sending money and goods back home. That doesn't mean that your country is the "worst" in the world, and it certainly doesn't say anything about the common people of the country positive or negative, but it does mean a lower quality of life. You are right that our government is guilty of selectively spending money on stupid, idiotic, pointless things and then "not having room in the budget" when it comes to humanitarian aid and fighting genocide in places like Darfur (I'd say a worse place to be than Zimbabwe). The bailout, though, isn't our biggest expense. That award goes to our war in Iraq, where we spend 2.4 BILLION DOLLARS every single week (that's $3,973 per second), not to mention the lives we're losing over there. When I think about the good that kind of money could do in the world, it makes me really angry.
@gtdonna (1740)
1 Dec 08
Honestly, the news that filters out to us outsiders seems to be negative, so I am happy to find someone where willing to put a positive face to what we outsiders are hearing or seeing. It pays to remember that the most media are in the business of making news, so they will do their best at times to come up with what they THINK people want to know and or see, as against giving positive news.
@luoke1 (377)
• China
1 Dec 08
I think people from outside view the Zimbabweans normally,but do have some odds with the government. Just my thought...