Talk about or recall your college life

December 1, 2008 11:18pm CST
I am a college student.Though i am only set three months,i find my college life is very bored. How is your college life?
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@eynjel05 (444)
• Philippines
3 Dec 08
My college life is indeed a very great experience I had. Simply because I enjoyed all the things that I did when I was studying. I gained lots of friends two of them became my bestfriends. Recalling of what we had while studying makes me feel of so much missed for them. I just cannot forget everytime we are having this recitation with our ESP ( English for Specific Purposes ) with one of our god teacher the subject is very difficult knowing that our professor is kinda terror. He is holding all of our classcards and he will just pick one. We are holding our hands and nervously wait for our names to be called. Thats funny right? Until now I can still feel that feeling even though I am just recalling that.:-) and theres this one time that we all unite to drop that subject because we cannot handle that kind of learning process. :-) there are lots of funny experience I had during my college days. NOw, n yo'll ask me if I still want that to happened again? my answer would be YES! I will be more that willing to experience that kind of things again.Happy posting!
• Canada
2 Dec 08
College life itself is only going to be what you make it out to be. If it's boring for you perhaps your not taking the initiative to get to know people go out and have a good time (no this doesn't always have to include drinking). If you stay in your room and not associate with other people then life will be very boring but what you ahve to understand is it's not 'college' it's you. College will be the best 4 years of your life only if you allow it. Think of it this way it's the last 4 years before you have to work for the rest of your life. This is your last horrah, last time to just go with the flow and do things you may not do. No i'm not talking about bad things but say throw caution into the wind and go on a mini road trip. Go over to a friends place watch some movies, play some games. I just graduated this past May and I miss it. I envy you but i don't envy you for not taking advantage of such a great opportunity. Get out there make friends. Right now your probably at the stage where your a bit home sick. May be far from home, possibly have no car so things are limited. That's what friends are for. I promise it will get better. Schooling should always be priority number one. Don't make the mistake a lot of my friends did and party their life away and when it came time for graduation they had no job offers and wondered why. Learn to have a healthy balance and seriously have fun. Life in general is what you make it. Boring or not you make it that way. So make it 'un' boring for yourself. And who knows you may find that special someone along the way. I am engaged to my college sweet heart. :) We dated since I was a freshman and are now getting married in 4 months. Don't knock it till you try it. It took my best friends brother a year to settle in and finaly like where he was. But that was because he wasn't opening up and he was always so darn negative.
• India
2 Dec 08
The college days were really golden. We used to hang out at eating joints after our classes and enjoyed the exchange of conversations. Ater our exams, the whole group wentto watch the latest movie together. We still are in touch, everyone is so well placed professionally.
@goldeneagle (6773)
• United States
2 Dec 08
I was already married when I finally got to attend college. I earned an Associate Degree from a local junior college. My college life was pretty boring, but I met some really nice people along the way. I was working and going to school at the same time, trying to support my family, so I didn't go to any of those wild parties and stuff. Although having a family and going to school at the same time was tough, I enjoyed the time I spent earning my degree for the most part...