Do you believe in magical powers?

December 1, 2008 11:31pm CST
Certain people have got magical powers. They can accomplish the tasks which are not possible for general people. Have you seen any one with such powers? Do you believe such a thing exists?
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• United States
5 Dec 08
im not sure exactly what you mean on what kind of "magical powers" but i have seen magical things happen and happen to/by people so yeah i believe
• India
2 Dec 08
I believe in magical powers. For example, I have seen people praying for the target individual to get destroyed financially. It was a prayer we, as young kids, chanced to witness as we slowly peeped in the basement. I vividly remember a bearded person muttering a language which we did not understand. Before him was placed a photo of our well to do neighbor, whose face was lit by reflection of a tiny candle. We had dismissed this event, being science students. Within an year, the fortunes of our neighbor went downhill as discussed bny our parents as chill used to run down our spine whenever we encountered that bearded person .
• India
2 Dec 08
Well, it depends on your worldview. The circumstances are innocent enough for a skeptic to offhandedly attribute them to coincidence, and perhaps I would have done so too a year ago. But I don’t feel that particular version does this series of events justice. Belief is a thing of fabula, the personal experience we create around the things that actually happen (to paraphrase Corvus). I don’t care anymore what anybody else thinks, because from my entirely subjective point of view, the world just bent over backwards to make a little dream of mine come true