@Paula1966 (1102)
United States
December 2, 2008 12:41am CST
I just got back from taking my husband to the hospital, where he was admitted with congestive heart failure. They have him feeling better with a diurectic. However, I am worried about the long term. My husband is very obstinate, and I am going to have a very hard road ahead to get him to do with what the doctors say regarding diet and fluid intake. He is only 38, so we are talking decades - maybe. I just read what WebMD had to say on congestive heart failure, so I came here and added "congestive heart failure" and "low salt" to my interests. When I went in to check what is there... One post from last year in "congestive heart failure" and not a single thing in "low salt". There aren't even leaderboards for these topics. So, any other suggestions of interests I can add that would hook me up with people with similar issues here on myLot? Thanks in advance.
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@inder86 (565)
• Gibraltar
2 Dec 08
yes you have to avoid salt, oily, spicy, junk , and all kind of food which are hard to digest. also you have to check regularly about sugar level. no hard or heavy exercise. last but not least ,if you see any indication in heart problem in him or any body else in life never let that person lay down because that lets more chances of heart attack, just make that person sit in erect position and call ambulance.