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August 24, 2006 10:29am CST
imagine u r in a car, brakes failure, wheel stiff, glass unbreakable, and u r heading for a cliff. what would u du?
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• United States
24 Aug 06
Ok...this is gonna take a lot of more thought. I think trial and error would be the best way to reach a conclusion. WAIT A MINUTE U DIDNT SAY THE DOORS WERE JAMMED! SO JUST OPEN THE DOOR AND JUMP OUT! I assume thats a typo so let's just pretend the doors are would be better if you gave us a list of tools we could use but lets just say it's what is in an everyday car. Im going to say it's an electronic car (i.e. electronic window, selonoid..., most cars are like this nowadays). I got my answer but im going to tell you a little story before I say it. One time i was on a family vacation in our mini van and the car broke down and stopped on the side of the road. When the tow service told us what was wrong, we found out we had some mode on our car turned on that's only supposed to be used offroad and we were on a highway. So if this were to happen you would pull out the electronic board so you can see all the wires under the steering wheel (right above the pedals/yes like those movies where people hijack cars). Then tear all those wires with your hands and the engine would shut down (if it's all electronic). However depending your speed and distance to the edge of the cliff, you may not slow down to a stop before you reach it and may still go over.
@dellion (6704)
• Malaysia
24 Aug 06
Its seem like somethings we always saw it on movies........anyway to your quetion........think the only way I can really do were regret and start pray for myself! To tell you the true for me its not imagine but its true accidents I experience before.
@rainbow (6762)
24 Aug 06
i think i'd still try to kiss my bum good-bye! If i had lots of time i'd text my beau, to tell him get his own tea!