Whats the maximum we can earn online?

December 2, 2008 4:07am CST
What do you thing is the maximum we can earn online if we work as follows : *Five to six days a week. *Six to eight hours a day. *Twenty to forty websites we use for earning. How much time it takes to receive payment by check , paypal , alertpay or anything. How many hours do you work and how many websites do you work on?
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@Metalchick (1387)
2 Dec 08
In terms of earning online I think that it's intirely up to the individual and what sites they are most active on. I use copious amounts of sites to ensure I earn at least twenty pounds a month. It's not too much but over the year it's an extra 240 pounds which can be improved on if i'm more active. This extra money really does come in very handy. There are so many sites out there and always new ones coming to light offering new opportunities so I think that in some circumstances people earning online may even be able to earn upto fifty pounds if not a considerable amount more if they put their minds to it and have the time.
2 Dec 08
Thnks for the list of other possible ways to earn online...am keen to know of some other sites.