I Think I am leaving Mylot

@angemac23 (2004)
December 2, 2008 5:50am CST
When I first joined Mylot, it was for extra cash, but than I just liked coming on here to read different discussions and learn new things. I had 9.99$ in my account last night and would have made payout today but when I logged in this morning, my earnings had gone down to 9.60$!!!!! Thats a big jump! I never put swear words in my posts, I never tell anyone off. I always only speak my opinion which is what this site is about. So the reason I am leaving is not because of the money, it is because of the principle. I earned that amount fair and square and they took it back from me without even informing me of why it was done or telling me what posts were offensive. If I do not get a response from the admin by end of day, I', gone. This only makes me thing that Mylot is a scam as every time I get close to pay out, I loose money and I don't like being lied to and being taken advantage of.
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@anonymili (3138)
2 Dec 08
MyLot has 1000s of members and I don't think they're really that fussed if a few people leave out of anger. The only person who will be negatively affected by you leaving is yourself. MyLot doesn't have time to tell each individual who contributes to a discussion that gets deleted the reason it was deleted. Basically you must have responded to some discussions that were deleted which is why your balance went down. I can tell you that myLot definitely is not a scam as I've reached payout several times over the time I've been a member here and I've had discussions deleted that I started (as I didn't realise the discussion was against the rules, but I didn't cry about it, just got on with it) and have had earnings go down due to discussions I'd responded to having been deleted. All I can suggest is that you ensure that you continue to write quality responses and/or discussions yourself and just think of it as a bonus when you reach payout and receive your money. Good luck :)