About Google Adsense. Which is the better alternative?

@cdsamp (91)
December 2, 2008 11:24am CST
I have a personal website, all about earning extra income from internet. So I talk about a lot kind of sites: pay per click sites, pay per read, high yield investment programs, etc. The problem is that I've sent Google Ad sense my website to be reviewed because I want to make some income from my website (I don't have any paid links), and they can't admit me to have their service on my site, because I have articles about Pay To Click sites. I can't change my website subject, so I want to know which one is the better alternative to Google Ad sense? I don't have too much unique visits per day (less than 100). I don't have adult related material. What do you think is the best choice for me? AdBrite? Thank you all very much! Regards
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