Have you ever heard of a crazier dream?

United States
December 2, 2008 1:50pm CST
I ws on a ship full of people trying to escape and we were near places on a highway that runs along the beach here.. Everything was flooded and buildings were blowing up left and right. Next thing I know, there were no people left on Earth and I was trying to find a way to safety. I met a mouse and a turtle, who could speak English of course, and we were trying to find a way to safety. We had to follow flooded streets and creeks, and finally we came to a tunnel that they could fit into, but I was way too big. The turtle used to be part of an army and was still wearing his metal wings. We found a house nearby, broke into it, and searched all over for things that I could use to make the wings work for me. I saw many photo albums at the house.. Many pictures had short messages on the back, and I thought, "They left notes on the back of pictures, and no one knew that the human race was going to end." It was a pretty sad time.. We fixed the wings, and now I could use them to fly and search for the end of the tunnel and meet up with my mouse and turtle friends. Somehow I flew onto an island -- looked like a tropical island.. and there were people! I told all the people that they were probably the last of the humans and everything that happened, but they didn't care. They were all the super rich celebrities. Some gangster rap celebrity guy had a special jacket that would only fit a girl his perfect size, and he made me try it on, but it didn't fit. Haha. I flew off and somehow ended up on a big street in England. As I was walking down the street I saw old pictures of me and my friend Jacob... then he came out from nowhere! He and a few friends had survived too. I told them that I had to go find the mouse and the turtle though, so I left and flew a street over.. I saw light coming from a house, so I decided to investigate. Inside the broken down house there were four computers. On the screen of one it had "Phase One, Phase Two, Phase Three, Phase Four, Phase Two and Four." I didn't understand any of it really, and I guessed that I didn't have much time to find out. I had a feeling that the phases were to get rid of the humans, and phase one was to bomb every oil making building in the world -- which they did. I didn't know what to do, so I pushed the Phase Two and Four button, and somehow that made all mice safe. Haha.. I got out of there quickly and heard footsteps.. I flew as fast as I could, but I only had time to get on the roof. A huge, muscular, scary guy saw me. I fell to the ground from the roof and played dead.. He hit me with something and thought I really was dead, so he walked away. I found all of my friends and told them what I found out, so they led me to a room filled with people on computers trying to figure out how to overthrow the bad guy... and all of a sudden he walked into the room with a grenade in his hand! Everyone was worried... That's when I recognized the evil man as Hitler. Hahaha. He tossed the grenade towards us, and we tossed it back at him. Eventually the bomb blew up and killed him. That was the end.... Honestly, this is one of my CRAZIEST dreams ever. Have you had any crazier??
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• India
3 Dec 08
Mine's really weird. I was swimming the ocean, just swimming across it, when I see an island. I get up and I start to dance next to a volcano and my family is all jumping around me and a shark is crawling up on shore, smiling and laughing. I jump backwards and there was suddenly a volcano behind me that I fell into, and then I woke up.