Swoopo what a waste of time and money!

@celestos (814)
United States
December 2, 2008 7:40pm CST
I joined this auction site because I have a bunch of things in storage that I was wanting to sell.I looked up free autcion sites because I think Ebays fees are ridiculous.I came across this site after googling "free auction sites". Swoopo is anything but free and in my opinion a waste of time and money.In order to bid on something you have to "purchase" bids which means a bidding package that starts at $20.00 bucks or more and if you want more then thirty bids then you might as well open your wallet because the packages just get more exspensive as you go.When you bid obviously everyone bids beside you and they have a bid butler which no matter how many times you click that bid button if someones bid butler is set to a higher bid you loose.I think the worst part is it costs $0.75 cents a bid and the scam part is when the auction clock gets to about 10 seconds remaining it lags up comvienantly and you do not know if you have been outbid or if you should bid meaning you pretty much waste money trying to win.Also while bidding it shows just exactly how much money people have spent bidding. When you add it all its so much better to just go out and buy whatever the item is.Oh and this site doesn't let you sell things,what a crock lol
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