Why Do People Hate these Dogs?

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December 2, 2008 11:42pm CST
Pitbulls are one of the most loyal dogs you could have. And yet people believe they are the most vicious dogs to have, which is not true pomeranians have been known to be on the top of attacks on children. Honestly what people do not understand about pitbulls is that they are like any other dog and if you abuse them then they will eventually act out on it. People use these dogs for fighting and starve them and abuse them and it really is sad that they have come to be know as a bad breed of dogs. You have to understand that it is not the breed that it is the owner. If you treat these dogs with respect and give them love and attention like any other dog they will love you forever. I just wish that this breed of dog would quit getting targeted. How would you feel if a family member of yours got taken away because they were targeted as a bad person because everyone like them was bad. Wouldn't you be upset? Well pitbulls are being taken away from their families because some others in there breed have done bad. So families are having to suffer and innocent dogs are dying. What I want to know is how you all feel on this issue, because I think something needs to be done about this and that not all pitbulls should be punished for ones wrong doing. When you open the paper do you see how a pomperanian attacked a baby and just about mauled a child to death? The answer is no, but it has happened. I say punish the DEED!
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22 Jan 09
I have three children. We adopted a 12 year old pitbull from friends because they were moving and couldn't take her. We knew her since she was a puppy and decided to take on her retirement. We had to put her to sleep after 9 months because she had a brain tumor. She was the best dog ever and my 3 children adored her. She just loved to be near them. They could do anything to her, dress her up in tutu's -- the whole bit. I was talking to a friend after she passed and telling her what a great dog she was. She did not know she was a pitbul. Well it turns out she volunteers at a shelter for pitbulls and everything I told her, she said is their exact nature. She told me they just have a bad repuation, but by nature they are loyal, loving and affectionate dogs. Their only issue would be possesiveness, which can be controled if trained. When we dediced this fall that it was time for another dog, we found a pitbul. Again, she is the best dog ever! I have no fears of her with my 3 children. She is trained to be what nature intened for her as a dog compainon. I think having a pitbul that is trained properly is the best of both worlds for family. She looks scary to anyone that comes to my door, but if you know us and her you know she wouldn't do a thing to hurt anyone. The most pain you will see from her is being squished because she actually thinks she is a puppy and can lay right on top of you to cuddle. She also love to be dressed up by my kids and dance with them.
@KaMlBob (786)
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3 Dec 08
I absolutely LOVE pits. I have had two, one loved everyone and the other hated most men??? She was barking at a lady walking by our house (she was restrained by a big heavy chain around a huge pine tree trunk)the lady called animal control and said she felt threatened (she was behind a 3.5 foot front yard fence also) anyway, the county animal control here in SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA. (he, he) came to my door and seized her, my kids and I walked her to the truck and had to lift her in. She had never bit anyone. So go figure, the worst part about it, that dog would have protected us to the end. She was so CUTE (pits have awesome 'faces'). The only way I could get her out of doggie jail was to have someone adopt her and remove her from El Dorado County, where I live. If it was a Golden retriever barking, no report would ever have been made(I have had 2 Goldens also). So yes they have a bad rap and that's too bad, Chows have a bad rep too, but for good reason.