which age is suitable to get married for a boy and a girl??? why??

December 3, 2008 8:01am CST
i just want to know about, which age is suitable to get married for a boy or a girl....becz nowadays people get married in different ages like 21-25(of these,most them are lovers)...and 26-30 get married(by their family).....My question is, which people are so happy in their life???????
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• China
9 Dec 08
economic crisis Don't married
• India
6 Dec 08
I think 26 to 31 is the best time for a boy get settled and 22 to 30 would be the best for a girl to be married because this the time they settle down on their lifes and ready to have a fresh life and i think a male getting married at 26 is the best age because that time only he will be settled and would be able to serve his family better..happy mylotting..
@Galena (9120)
3 Dec 08
there's not a right or wrong age. I would say that in most cases it's wise to be in a relationship that has already lasted about 5 years or so, as you know each other well by then, and will have changed as people during that time, and still loved each other, and will have faced difficulties together and still loved each other. so most people in a good strong position to get married will be at least 25 or so, and for most people I wouldn't say that marrying before that sort of age is wise. the way I see it, if you live, love and function together, basically, if you already have a MARRIAGE between the two of you, then you're ready to formalise that commitment with a wedding
@cryw0lf (1302)
• United Kingdom
3 Dec 08
I don't really agree with the person above, because- say a couple got together when they were... (Random age-) 15? and were together for 4-5 years, then decided to get married, is that so wrong? I mean, you say about living your life before you do things,- getting some experience, but if you LOVE someone while you are young and are with them, the only experiences you can have are WITH them- unless they're in an open relationship of course, but most people aren't. Marriage i think, should be any age they choose, as long as both of them love each other and have at least LIVED together... (If you can't live with someone, theres no point in marrying them really...) It's all about compromise and working together, to build a relationship in which marriage is rather suitable.
• United States
3 Dec 08
The older the better in my opinion. Marriage is a great thing to experience, and the more life experince you have before you get married the easier it'll be to deal with certain situtions that will come up when you are married. Same for having children. Have a life for you first then look for a parnter to join you.