What can i do?

@vimaal (3365)
December 3, 2008 11:16am CST
Hi my dear friends, Today iam suffering from Madras eye(Eye Pain). i feel so sad. I don't like to open my eyes. Now i am in front of my computer i didn't open my eyes fully. Water is sweating in my eyes. I wear spectacles and then only i open my computer.i feel so sad what can i do? Any one help me please.. take care. waiting for your reply.
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• India
3 Dec 08
Madras eye or Red eye is caused due to excess heat in climate and body temperature. ts a infectious disease and its a spreadable one.. Maintain your body cool. drink coconut water, fresh juices.You can also takepreventive eye drops available in medical stores if you want to take homoeo medicine for this then:you take EUPHRASIA 200 , 2 DROPS MORNING AND NIGHT AND BELLADONNA 200 ,2 DROPS MORNING AND NIGHT.AND INSTILL EXTERNALLY EUPHRASIA EYE DROP TWO TIMES A DAY FOR ABOUT A WEEK, IT WILL PREVENT YOU FROM CONJUNCTIVITIS OR MADRAS EYE.
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@rrowenaa (834)
• Philippines
5 Dec 08
The whole day today my left eye was bothering me also. I just took a nap and it's okay now. But we have a different condition. I advice you friend to take a rest first, get something that will ease your condition. See your eye doctor too. Take care! Stay healthy!
@Zezloler (497)
• United Arab Emirates
3 Dec 08
I don't know anything about your condition, sorry, but I can advise you to seek help and look for cures. O.o Maybe you should go visit a doctor if you haven't already, because it seems to be pretty bad. There's probably something you can do about your problem if you talk to people that are specialists in these things and that can offer you professional advice. I suggest you get off the computer and lie down a bit or relax. I don't think it's good to read or look at the screen, because you're just straining your eyes, and maybe increasing the problem. Good luck. o_o
• Philippines
3 Dec 08
Take the day off and stay off the system. You'd be straining your eyes even more if you insist on remaining online, though things like that should be your decision. Aside from the medication for this, doesn't cucumber cool your eyes down, or at least gives you a cooling sensation for your eyes?