Marley and Me - How I feel, at times...

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December 3, 2008 11:57am CST
Not too long ago my niece showed me a poster she had got for a new movie that's coming out: Marley and Me. For the sake of the child I smiled as I thought of my daughter named Marley that died at 15 tears of age in an automobile accident. Last night, while lying in bed watching House, the commercial came on for the movie and I felt the "mental" inside cringe start that makes me scream, Marley is my daughter, not a dog. Since her death in June of 2002, I have been an active writer all over the internet and my words helped to shed many tears. By writing I released so much pent up hurt and kept my daughters memory in a special place. Few people know that I am an empty shell of a human being. The smile on my face is often painted on and I'm not sure if my heart really beats at all. The Holiday season is a royal pain to me. All of these people with their children and grandchildren never seem to realize that their joy often rubs my pain in just a wee bit deeper. Yes, today I am on a pity party trip... of sorts, I guess. Can you imagine how many times I hear the name Marley during the Christmas Holiday? In all truth, I am appalled that none of my family bothered to save even one family movie with my daughter in it. Can anyone imagine how my heart would feel just to see a video with her in it or hear her voice and see that sweet smile form on her lips? Or does that sound like more than a heart could take? It would be the best gift I could ever have and I might want to watch the movie, Marley and Me - any 'ole way... The movie itself explains love that few totally understand.
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6 Dec 08
I am so very sorry for your pain, just reading this, I can feel your pain. I try so hard not to say "I know how you feel" but I think I have a pretty good idea. I lost my niece, Mandy, in March of 2006. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't ache to see her, or miss her more than any words could ever express. she was as much a daughter to me, as my own daughter is... The holidays are the hardest for me, It seems to only remind me of her absence even more so.. I used to love Christmas and now they are just a source of hurt, and reminder of how empty I feel. My thoughts and prayers are with you :)
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7 Dec 08
Little Stormy, When we lose someone we love the ache never goes away, I guess. Keep your niece special in your heart and memories. ? She will or has come to you in dreams. You were special to her too! Bless You and thank you for your sentiments. I sure hope this hasn't sounded like a whine to you all... My heart feels like it bleeds at times when this commercial comes on. I really want to see the movie but I'm not sure that I am up to it, emotionally!
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8 Dec 08
Tell me your hurt? Can we be friends? The ears of people that we don't even know, understand.
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11 Dec 08
MSV, My heart goes out to you! You, too... have been dealt some hard blows in life. I'm on SSI disability because my neck was broken in a car wreck when I was 17 and now arthritis has me - aching through life. That's another thing that bogs me down. My daughters neck was broken in almost the same place as mine but it was a complete spinal break. At times I feel like the man in the movie, Green Mile. My life trudges on and the road never gets any easier.
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27 Dec 08
im so sorry for your loss.. i know how it is to have lost some one and then some one shake up the memory or just remind you one extra time to the million times a day you think about that person and i couldnt imagine it being because of a movie.. that must be really horrible i am shocked with you that no one kept any home movies.. i would htink that even if they were hard ot watch you would still HAVE to keep them if you havent seen teh movie yet i want to forwarn you that its suppose to be super sad so that way if you dont think you can handle it you wont go in expecting a happy movie.. i cant watch anything with pets dying as is!