Plaxico burress lucky he shot himself and not another person!

@stinge (808)
United States
December 3, 2008 2:01pm CST
So this is my second discussion regarding Mr. Burress. I've been hearing comments on espn radio about the seriousness of this issue. If you are familiar with Max kellerman, he said that mayor bloomberg getting involved is a bit much. The talk of people going to prison is a little too far. All that this situation calls for on Plaxico's part is community service and probation. He didn't fire his gun on purpose, it was an accident. Which is true, but he still broke a Ny law by carying an unlicensed fire arm. we understand that it was an accident. But what if that bullet didn't hit Burress in his leg? what if it had struck someone else that was near by? The guys on espn were comparing his incident to now dallas cowboys player Adam "pacman" Jones. Burress's gun went off by accident in which no one was hurt. Pacman was involved in a club in were he was the cause of a fight breaking out which lead to gun shots and someone getting parylized. I understand the seriousness of the 2 cases. Of course if the gun never would've went off no one would have ever known he was carrying it in the 1st place, he probably would have went home without any trouble. But here's my point. Plaxico said he needed his gun because he had alot of money and jewelry on him. What if someone approached him that night and tried to rob him? Or like we've heard in most cases what if some guys were just jealous of the fact that some big shot superstar was in the club and wanted to cause trouble and threaten him? That's what Burress was carrying his gun for. In case if his life became threatened that night. Lets just assume he would have used his gun to protect himself and possibly killed or seriously injured the people threatning him. What if a gun fight broke out and inncocent people got hurt or killed? An innocent person still could've gotten hit by the bullet that hit him also. So I don't think that the guys on espn radio should be trying to downplay the situation and make it seem like it's not that serious. This is not an NFL issue. The guy broke a Ny law and he has to pay the penalty. The one thing he's got going for him is that it was only an accident.
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