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December 3, 2008 8:41pm CST
Earlier today someone had started a discussion about a database she was planning to put together for earning money mostly online. This idea is an ambitious one and I don't think she had really thought it through. She wanted to combine survey sites and PTC as well as mystery shopping and merchandising. She intended to charge a small fee for this service as compensation for her work compiling the list. On the surface this might sound like a good idea but it wouldn't be feasible. First of all no matter how many lists you have you would still have to sign up at each individual site or in the case of mystery shopping and merchandising, each individual scheduler. For mystery shopping and merchandising there are already several reputable lists on the internet that you can access for free. Those of us who do this kind of work know this and would never pay for a list of schedulers. As far as surveys are concerned I have tried to find survey sites that would actually pay for my opinion. I spent about three days filling out applications that only led to more applications. It was a nested mess that never did lead me to an actual survey. Then you have the PTC sites. I am actually a member of a couple of them but some of them were no more than phishing sites. Their only purpose was to get my email address so they could spam me with all their advertisers. Trust me I get about 500 spam emails per day. I would really like to find someway to make money with my computer. I would much rather sit here in the comfort of my own home and make money instead of having to drive all over the place to do mystery shopping and merchandising. So if anyone knows of some sites that will pay real money for taking surveys PM me and let me know.
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