How will our life go on without internet?

December 3, 2008 11:09pm CST
Nowadays it is a internet times, we can not imagine what will happem what will happen if i do not use the compoter. Everyday i use computer to read news,send email, chat on line, look for info i need, what do you do when you using the compoter? How will your life go without internet?
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• India
4 Dec 08
wht? there would b NO life without internet man! i mean i wuld b soo much free! n so much other stuff to do but i dont wnna do tht!
• China
5 Dec 08
I agree with you. I can not imagine what the life will be without life?
@mykmari_08 (2464)
• Philippines
4 Dec 08
I wouldn't consider myself as too preoccupied with online marketing or stuff done online. Foremost, as I have previously mentioned in other discussions here in mylot; I still don't have my own computer so I mainly rely on the company's computer assigned to me here in the workplace for internet access and surfing various sites for personal purposes. Naturally, I only have a limited opportunity to do these because this activity is prohibited during office hours. On the average, I do get to access the net for one to two hours during weekdays. Obviously, I am off from the computer during weekends since we are not obliged to work on these days. I allot these days for spending quality time with my own family, particularly with our three-year old daughter. Personally, my life isn't centered or based mainly on activities online. But my spouse and I do have plans to purchase our own computer set just before our only child starts schooling. I know for a fact that nowadays, this equipment is a necessity for every student and it will be more difficult for all of us if she won't have a computer with internet access.
• China
4 Dec 08
I admire your life style. But now i have no choise, so much work need to be done on the computer. Although when weekend, i can not absolutely leave internet.
• Vietnam
9 Dec 08
Can not imagine one day without internet, so we must go to hundred miles to delivery a letter to another country, we will cost a lot to call to a friend just for chatting. we can not share the same interesting too....a lot of can not. but I think we can save time more to do other things like go play around with friend, spend more time for family, and will focus more in working.
• Philippines
6 Dec 08
Without internet the economy will not grow faster, we need more time to explore.