How I Like To Eat Eggs...

December 3, 2008 11:49pm CST
The way I like to eat eggs is cooked via microwave. Yes, it is possible they explode (try at ur own risk), but the way I do it, I have only heard a slight "pop" from time to time and they are most yummy.?I usually?take care 3 extra-larges… in a bowl… and poke them with a stick so that the yolks are more "open", or sometimes I stir the stick around if I want something more omelet-esque.Variations on a theme. And then I heat about 1 min. 50 secs. on microwave. Works nicely! I sometimes have it with COOL WHIP. And you know what else I like with Cool Whip. Yes, that's right? STRAWBERRIES (2nd fave fruit) !!! The geniuses who invented Cool Whip should be lauded for their contribution to humankind.
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