economy problems?

United States
December 4, 2008 12:14am CST
Will the us economy be even worse than the great depression?
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@spalladino (17922)
• United States
10 Dec 08
No, I don't believe things will get that bad. We are in a recession and things will most likely get worse, but this country...and the world...learned valuable lessons from the Great Depression. The best thing for everyone to do is to not panic.
@Arkie69 (2156)
• United States
8 Dec 08
I think we are a long ways from seeing the worst yet. As long as the trucks can keep rolling on the highways we can make it but if they stop our food supply will stop. If this should happen it will make the "Great Depression" look like a girl scout picnic. Hungry, scared people are the most dangerous animal on this planet. During the last depression a lot of people were still producing a lot of what they consumed and they tried to have extra to share with those that didn't. We won't have that going for us this time. Very few people produce anything that they consume any more. If they can't go to the store and buy what they need then they won't have it and they won't survive. Most people don't know it but in the past 70 years we have gotten ourselves into a very dangerous position. We have spent a lot of time trying to enjoy ourselves when we should have been out in the back yard trying to grow something we can eat.