What do you most admire about Jim Morrison?

United States
December 4, 2008 1:32am CST
I've been reading Morrison's bio "No One Here Gets Out Alive," and it really has made me appreciate Jim so much more. It's not very hard to guess that his poetry is what I most admire about him. Every single piece of his poetry is like a puzzle. It all has hidden meanings and stories behind the songs. Sure of course his looks are amazing, with that feathery godly like hair that flows to his shoulders. He has a tantalizing voice that's so smooth and hypnotic. And the way he carried himself about during concerts was reportedly enough to make go-go dancers at the Whiskey Bar silent even though they'd seen the performance more than once a day. His talents were numerous and are still remembered and not forgotten. So what do you most admire about James Douglas Morrison?
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@mojo76 (56)
• Bulgaria
10 Feb 09
he was a genius, he knew every book he read (read something from the book and he will tell what book is and even the page). he was a good and peacefully man not like in the oliver stones movie. he explored people and push the their limits. Jim Morrison was a genius killed by all the evil in our world.
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@cyrus123 (6364)
• United States
18 Mar 09
I'm probably giving away my age when I say this but I remember when Jim Morrison was living. I was a big fan of his and still am pretty much. I still like to listen to the Doors occasionally. I didn't agree with everything Jim did but I had a huge crush on him! What I admired the most about him is that he was such a good singer! I majored in music (voice) when I was in college and I feel like I should know good singing when I hear it! I also admired his looks, of course. I also liked the fact that he had good manners and was very generous. I read the book, "No One Here Gets Out Alive" when it first came out several years ago.