Have you ever been to a System concert?

United States
December 4, 2008 1:41am CST
Before System went on hiatus, I was lucky enough for my sister to take me to one of their concerts. It was actually my first concert, and surprisingly enough their last tour apart from Ozzfest which was their last appearance. The concert was in San Antonio,TX where I live and we had pretty damn good seats on like the second level close to Shavo's side. It was awesome. The best concert I've been to which true enough is only a few. But, System was my favorite band back then so it was a great site. Not to mention The Mars Volta also played =] And, a daring fan jumped on stage. But, they were immediately tackled by security and wrestled to the ground right on stage. Right then, Serj and Daron too I believe, started dancing around the fan while still playing. It was great,even though he got tackled I'm pretty sure it was the greatest moment of his life. Do you have a System moment you'd like to share?
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• United States
26 Sep 10
I been to a SOAD show here in Philly with The Mars Volta opening for them. My brother had bought tickets for my birthday.. it was a very thrilling experience lol The only mistake I made was moshing in the seats... worst idea ever!! man my arms were badly bruised, looked like i got hit with a truck!! But it was a great show, it was my first SOAD show as well, and if they ever plan to get back together, I'll def go check them out again:)
• Italy
22 May 09
I go only at one of their show...it was the only show that they have made here in Italy..in my country they are not so famous.. It has been the greatest concert that I have seen: one hour and a half of uninterrupted music and the songs are faster than original ones on albums! That's amazing! I go out from that concert, that I was completely wet! The best concert I've ever seen!!!!
• Estonia
11 Feb 09
Unfortunately I started to listen to their music too late, at the moment they were giving their last performances. I didn't had a chance to visit their concert, but I'm sure I will do it if only they would be coming back. I could say that you're kinda lucky person, I assume you received a huge and positive emotion while being on their concert :)