December 4, 2008 2:47am CST
wouldn't it be great it my lot provides themes like ORKUT,GMAIL do.Thats some cool customizations we could use to reflect our character,interests..etc
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• Qatar
4 Dec 08
[i] it will be great if mylot will have this option. it will look good that we can customize our profile, we can choose from the varieties of themes like in gmail[/i] happy lotting
4 Dec 08
I believe themes would be a great addition but it does mean a lot of work could be involved to implement it into such a large website. This would probably also cost a lot and as they are paying people to post we don't know how much disposable income would be available for such an undertaking.
• India
5 Dec 08
Thats certainly true.But the members of can surely help.If there is anyone who knows of visual programming and wants to help this "lovely Website" please do help.