Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour...

December 4, 2008 4:45am CST
Anyone can relate to any of the below? 1) Fork and spoons must be placed in the fork and spoon holders, and not just scattered all over the dryer. 2) Laundry hangers must all face the same direction, and each laundry hanger must have 2 laundry clippers 3) When rinsing the mop while cleaning, it is rinsed with water from another bucket, and not from the same bucket the cleaning detergent in, to avoid the dirt from getting back on the floor 4) Every piece of clean laundry is folded in the same way, and when stored, must all be stored in the same way(undergarments included) 5) Any cleaning detergent you use, must have the word 'Anti Bacterial' on it, otherwise it's no good :) 6) Anyone got any others to add? :)
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