How do you feel when you have to bid farewel to a friend?

December 4, 2008 9:10am CST
I came for a trainig fourse for 10 days and people from all over teh country came for the course. we were together all day participating in discussions, eating drinking and staying together. The day long interaction made us really close and friendly. There were some 25 of us. today when we were biddign farewell to each other, we were emtionally charged and felt really bad saying bye bye to each other. It was a good 10 days spent together. We are all happy to be going back home to our families, but we are also going to miss each other. We are all in the same organisation so we may meet each other but never again as a group. Parting is really sad and difficult. How do you feel when you come together with strangers and then become friends and have to depart?
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