Gunz The Duel

December 4, 2008 10:12am CST
Who plays this game? I play it and I'm lvl 61. For those people who doesn't know this game, it is a free MMORPG where you can move like a ninja and kill other ppl. I play it at and it is great! Tell me if you are playing it too, or if you want to play it:) Discuss about the game :)
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• Canada
2 May 11
Yup I recently just started playing this game again. I quit because it got kind of boring and I also got a PS3 which just got me addicted to Call of Duty. But recently I'm playing it again and I'm level 72.
• United States
8 Jun 09
Yo, I love to play myself some GunZ The Duel. That's why I joined this site so I could buy premium items! :D My accounts are: Prophetical - Lv 63 ┬║RedoCoder┬║ - Lv 44 [T]unafish69- Lv 39 iProphetical- Lv 5 I've also had so many other characters but I've deleted the 4th character so many times just to have a different name lol! I love GunZ so much! :)
• Canada
15 Mar 09
Yup GunZ The Duel is awesome. You can join a room and start killing random people or you can team up with other fellow players and kill another team of players!! =D But if you dont feel like killing people then you can kill monsters(called questing) and also bosses! You get to use different weapons(swords and gunz) and armour(premium and non-premium) I used to play this game but now my computer is all laggy so i cant play D= Im also a lvl 65. =D