Which country has the most cheapest dental treatment?

December 4, 2008 10:40am CST
I heard Asian country is the most cheapest.Is it true?
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@lou_66 (909)
4 Dec 08
i live in the uk and alot of our dental treatment is free on the NHS. of course this does not include cosmetic procedures such as porcelain veneers and tooth whitening systems. also most of out healthcare is free as this to is providing by the NHS. small fees are paid for prescriptions and again cosmetic procedures are not included unless there is a direct need for it to improve your general health. happy mylotting
• Malaysia
5 Dec 08
Are u a doctor?
@lou_66 (909)
5 Dec 08
i am not a doctor lol. why do you aks that?
@TheCatLady (4695)
• Israel
13 Dec 08
Romania is supposed to be inexpensive. I wouldn't fly there to save money on dental, but some people do. My dentist is one of the most expensive in my country. He's also one of the best. That's why I use him.
@pmspratik (202)
• Nepal
6 Dec 08
Well I don't really know which country has the cheapest dental cures but in my country it is quite cheap in comparison with other countries dental cures. Well normally when i get a tooth problem and have to go visit a doctor for check up. I go to dental clinic and just have a check up for about 3 5-6 dollars. Yea quite cheap for me but as far as I can tell that south Asian countries have cheap cures not only dental cures but other cures as well. Unfortunately they are not really well done like in US, Japan or other developed countries.
• China
6 Dec 08
Any level of consumption rests with local economy! Most things were cheaper in Asian~~
• India
4 Dec 08
Not only the dental treatment but for any medical treatment, Asian countries are less expensive compared to european countries.