How much is enough?

@tklich (391)
United States
December 4, 2008 11:26am CST
I want to quit my current job to become a real estate agent (I can't stay employed with the company I work for and have an active license because I work for a real estate company as a staff member). My husband got laid off in October and hasn't been able to find work yet, so it's making it a little hard for me to save my money in order to be able to quit my job. I've been working hard though and trying to cut back on every day expenses in order to save as much as possible. Praying my husband will find work sooner rather than later, I will hopefully be able to start saving more money soon. Does anyone have any suggestions on how much money I should have saved up before I do the daring move of quitting my job? I'd like to hear from anyone that is currently a real estate agent, or quite possibly any NEW agents and what they have experienced so far. I will take any advice anyone has to offer! Thank you so much!
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