Which line you have in your cell phone prepaid or postpaid?

@miamhae (339)
December 4, 2008 1:30pm CST
I use prepaid for my cell phone, because I don't make call to much and use my phone, I choice the company line that the prepaid have long time validity. I think postpaid it just good to somebody having a hobbies to talk in their cellphone... I read a news about the teenage using postpaid in his cellphone and his bill got a million Yuan a chines money...When he receive bill, he commit suicide... In postpaid we can control our bill, if we don't have money to buy prepaid card, we learn to stop calling in not important things or just chatting a long hour in our mobile...
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@sk66rc (4258)
• United States
6 Dec 08
I have post paid service through T-Mobile... I have their "unlimited" plan so it's physically impossible for me to owe more than what it comes out to because I can't "go over" the minutes... I have unlimited minutes regardless of what time of the day it is... I blackberry pearl & have unlimited calling, unlimited data access, unlimited messaging including text & emails & other forms of messaging... My calling minutes have been arranging anywhere between 2,700 minutes to 4,672 minutes in particular month & my bill has been exactly the same, not a penny more or penny less... I much prefer post paid...
@warrior_777 (1392)
• Philippines
5 Dec 08
I used prepaid since I had my first phone. I am more comfortable using prepaid line because I don't want to worry for monthly bills. And besides with prepaid line I can control my monthly bills and like you I'm more on texting than calling. And prepaid line is much prepared of people like us.. Have a nice day..
@reejane (294)
• Philippines
5 Dec 08
I'm using prepaid since college but I was thinking of switching to post paid since I spent the same cost and there's not much of a difference. There are times that I'm fed up using texts so I opted to call them instead.
• Puerto Rico
4 Dec 08
i have post paid because i receive like 25 calls daily