Looking after the elder people

@comfort55 (1574)
December 5, 2008 3:42am CST
Hi guys, I know these days it's very difficult to look after the elder people due to lack of time, inflation and so on. Actually my husband's eldest sister(their age gap is around 30 years)is coming to stay with me since she is not keeping well from sometime. Her knees are bad so for that matter she can't even take a step on her own. She has two daughters, one of them was looking after her till now(other one is overseas). But now her daughter wants to take some rest and wants to send her mother at our place. Though its a very tedious work which I anticipate, but then I think that I would act selfish if I straightaway refuse her. here I would like to mention that sis-in-law has been very caring through out her lifetime with all the members, being the eldest she was very responsible person. So don't you think that we should not be too selfish and try to give her the best at this age(she's 80+) as much as we can.Your suggestions are welcome.
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@bellebads (740)
• Philippines
5 Dec 08
i think no one can ever look after them except for the family. since the family knows them well they will be able to provide the needs of the elder. i have talked to some elders before during our reach out program in school what they really want, is be with there family, they feel neglected because some of their family had stopped visiting them. all they want is a little attention coming from their loved ones before they left.
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@comfort55 (1574)
• India
5 Dec 08
yes, I agree with you because once I had been to old people's home where I found tha nobdy was happy with their stay over there as they were missing their family a lot. I think whatever the reason, they should live with their close ones. Thanks for your response.