Let's talk about dreaming...

December 5, 2008 5:11am CST
At one point in our family dinners we've come to compare our dreams. No, we didn't share what we were dreaming of, but instead we were comparing our dreaming quality. Confused? Well, my mom and my grandmother dreams in sepia, if you don't know what sepia is, it's actually is like the olden movies where the colors are black and brown or something like that. Coffee colors. On the other hand, my brother would dream in color but as another person, meaning he's looking at himself. My father and I would dream in vivid colors, as if we're actually there. While my other brother completely forgets ever dreaming, thus he feels he never does dream. How about you? How are your dreams like?
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@23uday (2997)
• India
5 Dec 08
Hi frnds, in this world of dream my soul dream a truer dream whose mighty pulse will lift thee to a high pinnacle and make thy body vibrant with new life, dream,my soul of that happy realm where enjoy abides alone in unbroken oneness, and life regins in etrnal surety. dream,my soul where love dwells in harmony and beauty in its virgin loveliness dream of divine ecstasy whose eternal melody is sung by all created things. stop not dreaming this great dream till its image speak to thy soul with a living tongue.