do u believed that dreams will might true in the near future???

December 5, 2008 5:50am CST
eversince i was a child i always dream this dark area. i really dont know this place. the settings i was in a remote area. a dark area and someone following at me. i kept on running that he or she might have some bad plans from me. i kept on run and running just to save myself after that i realized i need to fight my fear. so after i decided to face my fear i woke up. thats my situation always everytime i dreamed that. and now that im 24 it my nightmared that i always dream since i was a child happened to me. i found the same place that i always dream. and i was shock cause someone is really following at me. like in my dream i was afraid at first but i fought my fear. it happenned that the person who followed me is a hold-upper. and thank god cause i was safe.
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• India
5 Dec 08
some dreams come true.some dreams may not be true.but dreaming is always happy and good.otherwise we cant achieve our goals.we cant reach our destination dream always and make ur dreams true.always be happy.