My dog is missing!!!!!!!!!

December 5, 2008 7:16am CST
Last month, I woke up in the morning and found out that my dog was missing. I searched our neighborhood and informed my neighbors but they said they don't know the where abouts of my dog. Some said my dog went somewhere to find a mate and would came back soon. I was having second thoughts 2 or 3 days later when I went to a walk and saw one neighbor and they were roasting a dog. It is common here in asia to eat dog like the Philippines here in my country. I asked them if they saw my dog but they said they didn't. And I was watching the dog as it was roasted. I can't recognize any resemblance because the dog was completely burned and I don't know if it's my dog or not. I don't know what to do. Will I ask an investigation? When I was a kid I saw dogs being butchered by people like this and it is common here in my city. They chopped the dog to pieces in an experienced way. I went back home thinking, should I ask them if that was my dog? What will they do then? But I think it is too late. Anyway, my dog never came back. I presumed it was taken by some people and was butchered or made as a pet as I live here in the city where there are many people. But now, there was a law imposed on banning of dog butchering here in our country. Yes, I tasted dog meat and I admit it is delicious but I don't usually eat one. They will now imprison people who butcher dog and will fine the money. But it is currently a very new law and I am sure many are still butchering....
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@kaka135 (14118)
• Malaysia
5 Dec 08
This is terrible! I can't imagine people nowadays are butchering dogs, especially it's someone's pet. I find it disgusting!! But how can you ask for an investigation? Can they still check on it? Perhaps you can try. And I really hope that's not your dog.
• Philippines
5 Dec 08
Yes, many people here in asia butcher dogs for food but not foreign dogs that they love to pet, only native dogs. In egypt, I heard they eat horses. Haha..Some asians also exotic food like snakes, spiders, bats, insects, worms, etc. In fear factor- an american game showed in TV, it is a show full of fears, there was a contest on which the contestant must eat a live spider, a cockroach, worms, decayed cheese and bread, etc... disgusting. I think filipinos can't handle that w/c shows white people eating live insects or decayed cheese. Fear Factor TV series is really scary and disgusting.
@ralphido (843)
• India
5 Dec 08
well. may your dog rest in peace and not end up in pieces....