Is helping infertile couples not as important

@suspenseful (40314)
December 5, 2008 9:05am CST
I saw this article where it said that only thirty four percent of couples say that they are willing to donate their unused eggs to help infertile couples. And I wonder why it is. There is so much help to help women get rid of their unwanted babies for abortion, girls who are unmarried are encouraged to have babies so they can have something to love, and yet infertile couples are denied this method of invertro adoption that would have the mothers be able to nurse the babies rather then use the bottle. Is this part of the old standard, that when a woman's fallopian tubes have been destroyed, it is by her sleeping around and getting Vd and so must be punished? Is it because of the cost? Is it because that it is more important to get rid of the unborn rather than let another mother carry it? Do they think that the mother who has the unborn now in her womb will be unable to bond? People who adopt bond with their babies and infants all the time. It has been years since this process first started. It was in its infancy when I needed help and was not available then. So now with those clinics why is it utilized more?
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