Going green and frugal at same time

United States
December 5, 2008 11:45am CST
We have been replacing all the bulbs in our house with the CFLs (compact florescent lightbulbs) the ones that are the curly ones) as well as LED lamps (the tiny LED lights). The initial investment is a bit higher that the old style bulbs, but they last a lot longer, use less energy and are greener..replacing less often means less waste. Les energy use and less frequent replacement will save money in the long run. Over the past year we have replaced all the bulbs. Just bought an LED table lamp the other day, as a Christmas gift for each other.
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• United States
5 Dec 08
I started using CFLs years ago, when they were still very expensive, so it's nice that they've come down so much in price. It's been kind a chicken/egg thing. People were reluctant to buy them because they were so expensive, and they stayed expensive because not enough were sold to enable bigger production numbers that reduce prices. I haven't used LEDs yet, but I probably will some time in the future. CFLs last so long that by the time mine wear out, there may be an entirely new kind of lighting. :-)
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6 Dec 08
With so much new stuff coming out I would not be surprised if we see whole new types of cheaper, greener lighting.