which company laptop is best for home use as well as office use?

December 5, 2008 11:57am CST
i want to buy a laptop. but i m confuse in it. as in the market lots of company there. so plz help me out. which one is better for office as well as home use. hp sony lg dell lenovo sahara compaq
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14 Dec 08
alienware is the best for me but thats cause i own an online buisness which is growing rapidly but requires a ton of coding ,graphic/web design, animating, coding, etc. which means i need a very very large hard drive and a ton of ram with at least a quad core processor to make sure my comp doesnt freeze while running all this plus the praphics and such would half to be highest quality available (im am working on a new site for my buisness and this 1 will have some of the best graphics ,features,and services avaible but i do have all the equipment but this compaq im running just doesnt have what it takes so im am investing in an alienware desktop to start (these are better than most full network servers) and then an alienware laptop (this can beat the dell xps desktop in performance but does need some cool off time every now and then) yes these are gaming computers but even though they are called such they are technically the best for just about anything due to having the top performance ive seen in a commercially distributed computer and are the best to do mine or anyone elses work even basic office work can be done on these (although it will go really fast with those low speed consuming programs i wouldnt advise getting these for more basic average work cause they have a really big price tag and if you dont need the extra high performance then go to a cheaper lower performance computer these outclass most well known computers such as dell,toshiba,compaq, acer etc. but the laptop i custimized to get a price range was close to 6 grand.
@briggah (171)
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5 Dec 08
I've bought toshiba laptops for my last 3 that I have had. Toshiba doesn't build desktop computers so they have a little more effort in building a nice laptop. Atleast thats the way I look at it. I think its really about personal preference or the name really. Alot of brands are pretty much all the same except for the look and feel of them. Sorta like cars. They all get you places but you buy the one that looks the best to you.