Why is it important to have power, speed and accuracy?

December 5, 2008 12:41pm CST
Among the three what is the most important power, speed or accuracy?
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@luoke1 (377)
• China
6 Dec 08
Accuracy...it doesn't matter how difficult or slow the things are done,it pays off if they are done in the best and exact way they are meant to be...Which military would like to have a power or fast missile,but that never hits the target,or who would like to be operated upon by a fast doctor who does his stiches off the mark?...
• Philippines
6 Dec 08
Cool dude you impresed me, thanks anyway and good day.
@Juszie (77)
• Indonesia
20 Jan 10
If you only have power, your opponent will easily avoid your attack. If you only have speed, your opponent will not feel the impact of your attack. If you only have accuracy, what good is a slow and weak attack? So my opinion is you have to train all of them. With power, speed and accuracy, you're a menace for every opponent. If you support it with good stamina, you're a nightmare. And the last but not the least is "timing". A good timing will make every move and attack works perfectly. As I always say:"Everything works best in the right time"
17 Nov 09
so that you wont bother wasting your energy, you must be precise.
• India
28 Mar 09
Start practicing to get 6 pack. Do excersizes in the morning so ur day begins with speed accuracy & energetic
• Philippines
25 Mar 09
Gee... Can't really say dude. Both are essential means for a player. Anyway, I'll vote for accuracy. Speed is the second most important.
@vonvonex (283)
• Philippines
30 Jan 09
Power, speed and accuracy are very important in taekwondo especialy when you are playing... You cant score a point if one is lacking... You have to hve the three of them. Accuracy is how you hit your oponent where you can get a point and adding power and speed will increase your chance of getting a point. Wtih speed, you can play with your oponent if you have a very good speed. With power, you can knock down your oponent with a single kick. But there is one missing. That is the stamina. Without stamina, you cant do all these three.