Ever suspect your ex of cheating but could never prove it?

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December 5, 2008 1:33pm CST
My son's mother and I were together for only a year and a half. I decided to end the relationship when I suspected her of cheating. I found 2 receipts in the headboard (why she put them there is beyond me) that had the last 4 digits of a credit that was not ours. Or atleast I didnt know it was ours until the phone call I made to her at work later. But back to the receipts one was from Wal-Mart with a total of more than 80 bucks worth of stuff that wasn't in our apartment...the other was a gas receipt, but I owned the only vehicle we had and she didn't drive. When I called her to confront her she denied it then eventually claims she took out the extra credit card in order to pay for a cell phone bill she had rang up, but neglected to tell me about that as well. We already had a credit card that I knew about that had exceeded it limit and we were barely able to make the payments to keep the balance dropping. I was furious and demanded she get out. Today my son lives with me and she barely ever comes around. Anytime I have confronted her about it she stills denies it.
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@twoey68 (13651)
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8 Dec 08
Well, I wouldn't necessarily say that it's proof that she was cheating on you but she was keeping things from you. If the receipts had been for a motel room, sexy outfits or something like that...then yeah. I'd say that the two of you had some honesty and trust issues and your probably better off apart. My ex b/f cheated on me for years and although I had an idea he was, I refused to open my eyes to it. When I finally did after 9 years, I left him. I've gotten married since then to a great guy and he married one of his bar tramps that he picked up...and cheats on her LOL [b]MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! ~~AT PEACE WITHIN~~ **STAND STRONG AND TRUST IN GOD**[/b]