Possible rule changes....Are they really needed????

@vrahulan (114)
December 6, 2008 2:03am CST
F1 might see a new rule that is brought into practice from the next season. It would see the top 3 drivers on the podium being given medals (Gold,Silver & bronze). And the driver with the maximum of wins will be crowned the world champion. If they are tied for that then they will look at second place finishes. Now is this really needed????? What about the cars that finish from 4th and below??? What about the smaller teams who cannot even imagine fighting for the win. Are these changes really needed. Note: These are the ideas of the F1 chief Max Mosley and they have not been approved yet. There are chances that it might happen. And also its said the cars will be standardised from 2010, which has left Alonso thinking of quitting the sport. Does F1 need this??????????
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• Singapore
6 Dec 08
What a big mess this has become. The intention for changes is good, but there is certainty too much change in just 1 season. This will greatly affect how teams prepare, how fans will react and the whole game itself. I think such changes is too rush. It is also too much, changing the atmosphere and spirit of F1. The pull-out of Honda further complicate things and dampen the atmosphere in F1. I certainly have a bad feeling about F1 next season. The people on top must think carefully of their next step. They may end up destroying F1 instead.
• India
6 Dec 08
I vote towards the first plan..since they are trying to innovate new ideas to bring in more fans and to make F1 viewing pleasurable..they want to make something new..i dont think the second rule will happen anytime around because not alonso even ferrari has also threatened to withdraw from the competitions if the new rukes are coming into effect...i think the main reason for everyone to watch F1 is due to the car designs and the engines which differ from each other,but when they try to make it standadised then i dont see any difference between A1GP and F1...happy mylotting..
@Zezloler (497)
• United Arab Emirates
6 Dec 08
Ewww, I don't think this is necessary at all. Formula 1 doesn't seem to me like a sport in which "medals" should be awarded. I really like the current system of placing points and deciding the winner. I don't understand what was wrong with it that made them change it? o_o I'm not a real fan of the idea of standardized cars either, and I would probably have the same reaction as Alonso. If they had a sole supplier, I would lose interest in the sport as well, which would be a real shame. -.-' The competition simply wouldn't be the same if the engines played no part at all in deciding the winner. A big part of Formula 1, I feel, is the thrill of seeing a Ferrari engine and a McLaren engine side by side: competing for the win. I'm completely against both of the changed they're planning to make. I really hope that these rules won't be applied to next season, and that they're considering the effect it would have both on the fans and on the drivers of the sport. =/