How can you bind your family together??

December 6, 2008 2:48am CST
The biggest question today is that how can we bind together?? Because everyone has their own thinking and they want the work by their way. In such situation what's the best solution to bind your family together????
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@vddclan (49)
• Philippines
11 Dec 08
I believe that Families should pray together. That's the most important thing. It is God who makes the family, whether we believe it or not. If you want to have a family that unites, make God be the center of your family.
@jesbellaine (4140)
• Philippines
10 Dec 08
Hi there! I think you are new here… so Welcome to Mylot! I hope you enjoy your stay here… If you do have a strong family ties then it is easy to bind them together but if not and your family have some problems with each other… I think the best way is to sit down and talk it through. Try to assess the situation that you are in then solve it as a family. Let them know that family is very important and you love them… I think in that way, it will really bring family together as long as there is love, understanding, trust and faith to each other! Good luck! And Thanks for the discussion! Happy Mylotting and Happy Holidays! Cheers!
@neetu123 (20)
• France
9 Dec 08
actually in each and every family when youngsters starts their interaction with parents specially son with father....a kind of war situation arises,ends up with anger and never ending arguments,cause of which is only and only generation gap,to bind family basic mantra is flexibility in nature n understanding between parents as well as children, PARENTS shall understand that world is changing and globalisation is taking place,challenges and stress have increased... shall not be rigid in all their old traditional thoughts and acts..take children as friends and they will surely make your life more happier and unique,just be flexible and accept changes for good... CHILDREN shall understand that parents have lived with that same thoughts and ideologies since past 40/50yrs ,which is not possible to change in a day or two,remember when as a child you use to demand,ask and irritate your parents with stupid and unwanted thoughts and questions ,your parents wid patience,repeatedly maked you understand the things.its they who played a major role in making you what you are!now you r at their place show ur maturity be sincere n patient. first understand things from their side , develop the capability of making them understand things from ur side ur generation... ALL THE PEOPLE LIVING WITH FAMILY,PARENTS/BROTHER/SISTERS/INLAWS.THEY R TRUELY BLESSED...U REALISE IT WHEN U DONT HAVE THEM ..FIGHTING/ARGUING/BUT YOU R LUCKY IF U R WITH YOUR FAMILY ...SO TREASURE YOUR BLOOD RELATIONS WITH HEART AND DON'T RUIN IT BY USING YOUR HEAD !!!
@chenaiyh (228)
• China
6 Dec 08
i wanner the answer too. in fact,i hope i can find more topic to talk with my parent.but it like that we always think in different way.who can tell me what shall i do?