Searching for Discussions........Eeek

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December 6, 2008 8:07am CST
What's up with this. I just did a search here for any conversations on ALF and it came back finding zilch, nada. So I post a new discussion on ALF and after I posted it, I go to the page where there's been plenty of discussions on this subject. Some from 9 months to over 2 years ago, but what gives? Why could'nt they show me these results in my search so I didn't have to post another one on this matter? I can understand why some people end up starting a discussion that may already be in the works or was in the works, and it's to no fault of their own. Anyone else have this problem and what's up with this search results.
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@nadooa247 (1096)
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6 Dec 08
You have the option when searching to search for text within the discussion. Even then the search option is mediocre at best. A reason could be that SOME discussions have no tags which is what helps you to find the discussions in the first place. And some that DO have tags have nothing to do with the subject! No it isn't your fault and i love Alf lol... he's something that was part of my childhood =P wish they would put re-runs on or something!
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17 Dec 08
Thank You, nadooa. I would of never thought of the tagging of discussions. That makes total sense and makes one wonder why not put the right tags to one's dicussion so it can be found. Who knows what kind of thinking some people have, but I'm glad I put tags with my discussions and the right ones. That go with the discussion. That's one of the main reasons I love Alf to, part of my childhood and growing up. I got one through Netflix last week and my son just wanted to keep watching them over and over. He likes them to. When I first told him about it, he was like, "Yeah, that sounds stupid." Well, apparently not too stupid to him. LOL As for re-runs, that would be awesome and not on a cable/paid channel either. A channel everyone gets. CW/CBS, whatever. I would watch them!