Cyberbully Convicted

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December 6, 2008 11:11am CST
Has Anyone been following the courtroom drama of Lori Drew who created a fictional boy on Myspace which lead to the suicide of Megan Meier? I sure have. There is something very sick about this Adult - Woman - Mother purposefully setting up a fake myspace account as a teenager named Josh for the sole purpose of talking to a young 14 year old girl. And as it turns out this Adult knew that Megan had problems with depression. What I found out was the reason this Mother did all this is so that she could see what Megan was saying about her own daughter. Evidently her daughter and Megan had been friends and had a falling out. Can you imagine going to this type of extreme? I think it's crazy! I have 2 sons ages 20 & 23 and I remember clearly when they were in their early teens, that there was alot of gossip going on between them and their friends, whether it be note writing (yes I did check their room from time to time to see what they were up to). Friends getting mad at each other, phones calls exchanged, notes being passed and so much drama. But then these issues would pass and on to the next one, right? I was a teenager too (way back when) I think I went through drama as a teenager too (there wasn't any internet back then, of course). Teenagers like to typically be in the thick of things I think. As a parent I tried to teach my boys to be tolerant and kind, and to never Bully anyone! Evidently the outcome so far of this courtcase is that Lori Drew was found guilty and could receive 3 years prison time and a $300,000 fine. We'll know the end of December exactly what her sentence is. What do you all think about this? There aren't any laws in place yet for this type of crime (and I do think that what she did was criminal), other than Myspace rules I think. It seems to be mostly an Ethical situation. However a young girl hung herself. What do you guys think about this issue?
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@modstar (9608)
• Philippines
6 Dec 08
I think so too that what she did is a criminal act. As an adult she must take responsibility and bullying is such a childish act. Lori Drew deserves the harsh punishment because this poor Megab must be given justice. What a way to take advantage of someone's weakness. tsk!