Have you eaten at Toast Box?

@marisriel (1157)
December 6, 2008 4:14pm CST
It's our first time to eat at Toast Box yesterday. I was craving for a Smores Chocolate Cake from Red Ribbon last afternoon when we were in Trinoma Mall but Red Ribbon was jampacked so we tried to find another coffee house to refresh a bit before going home. And we found Toast Box on the ground floor beside Gourdo. I didn't know what to order first but I saw a number of people ordered a tall glass of chocolate drink. So I thought since I can't eat my Smores cake, I'll just order that one. So I ordered two glasses for me and my kids and my husband and one order of cinnamon toast. The chocolate drink was called Milo Dinasaur as it was a drink made with heapings of Milo. Well, it was delicious and my daughters loved drinking them. It's just my youngest made a mess on her white shirt from drinking it. And then suddenly I remembered I am already drinking Milo every breakfast. But generally, the experience was good. Maybe we'll try some of the other stuffs on their menu next time. The ambiance was great as just outside the branch is a man playing on a grand piano and a woman was accompanying him with a violin. Great!
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