Happy birthday?No, Happy Everyday!

December 6, 2008 9:45pm CST
You must have heard many times of this sentence, happy birthday, at your birthday party, and at the same time you should have said this to your frinds a lot of times at his or her birthday party. Of course, it's polite to say that to others when it's their birthday. But,in my opinion, that's not enough. Why we just happy at our birthday but not everyday? If we feel happy everyday, we must be really happy. I know, in fact, we can not be happy everyday, but it's a very good wish, isn't it? So the next time I will say that be happy everyday friends to my friends when I make a wish. At last, happy everyday everyone here on mylot.
3 responses
@sarawaken (360)
• Malaysia
7 Dec 08
I'm happy whenever my hubby accompany me
• China
7 Dec 08
Birthday is a special day for everyone,it is a day that must be remember,on that day we came to this world that is new for us.so every year this day we should be very happy to celebrate this. we should have a wonderful life,i think the better way to have a wonderful life is to be happy everyday,i agree with you,though we have many things that enable us to be upset,we must have a optimistic attitude to our life.
@Sheepie (3118)
• United States
7 Dec 08
Well, I agree with you. I do consciously try to keep the best of things, and know who I am, and know that I really don't have more on my plate than I could handle. I try to be happy every day too. But what can I say? Sh*t happens, you know, and some days you just have to be unhappy and you just have to be miserable. But nothing good can come out of waiting for someone to come save you, you have to get better yourself.