Why does the person we love & trust most is the one who hurt us the most?

December 7, 2008 1:48am CST
Ever asked yourself, why the one we trully, madly and deeply love is always the one who hurts us the most? Do you know why?
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• Philippines
7 Dec 08
its look like a song, truly madly deeply.. lol.. well the answer is sometime we are jealous of the person we treat as a good friend. sometimes where selfish or we don't just wanted to listen or to understand them or vise versa. in most relationship jealous is always in between. what ever or how hurt it was it should be talk after all what friends are for? changes in a persons life is unpredictable so we should be prepare because that changes can be good or bad at the end we earn knowledge and understanding of that event.
@savak03 (6693)
• United States
7 Dec 08
When we are hurt by the one we love it affects us more because we have opened ourselves to them. We have given them access to our innermost thoughts and feelings. We have trusted them and when they betray that trust it hurts us deeply.
• Qatar
7 Dec 08
[i] hi there angeltrhix i think for other people, they hurt the one they love is becos they would like to see how they will react to the way they hurt them. they want to see the degree or the level of pain impacted on them People often hurt each other to attract their full attention or to stay in the picture of their mind, to try, to test and to express love or even to feel love ever so more deeply[/i]