What do you prefer : the mountain or the sea ? tell me your unforgetable moment

December 7, 2008 5:02am CST
I prefer the mountain to the sea cause, sea makes my skin black :). So hot and stinky.... But the mountain so beautiful, fressh and incredible. The first time i climb the mountain was about 4 months ago. It called Mt. Slamet. I climb with my friends and my husband. The funny thing when i climb Mt. Slamet was my husband, he forgot that he still using his uniform. So he was the first climber using uniform in Mt. Slamet. There're many story that i can't tell, so why don't you tell me about your first time experience to the sea or to the mountain .......
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7 Dec 08
What kind of sea were you in if it made your skin black? I love the sea it is so clean and sparkling. I love looking through the clear water to see the bottom with the creatures swimming about. I do not think I could climb a mountain now as I have a bad heart and lungs but I climb a couple of very small ones when I was younger and the views were spectacular. But I prefer the sea.
• Indonesia
8 Dec 08
The kind of the sea that many people rather choose to stay at home than to enjoy the sunrise or sunset. Because the colour of the sea is brown, dirty (there're a lot of garbage e.g plastic), smells not good, and very very hot. I guarantee you wouldn,t like the sea from my city :) .... but thanks for your responds
@xhvivi (32)
• China
8 Dec 08
i prefer the sea to mountains. because i like sunshine!
@maximax8 (30105)
• United Kingdom
7 Dec 08
I love adventure so I do enjoy climbing mountains however I would say I prefer the sea, that is if it is a tropical ocean we are talking about. I adore visiting islands in the sun. I have been to the Seychelles, the Maldives, Samoa, French Polynesia and the Cook Islands. I wear a high factor sun cream to stop my skin getting burnt. When I snorkel to see colorful coral and friendly fish I wear a t-shirt over my swim wear to stop my back burning. I have climbed mountains in Norway, Australia and New Zealand.
@23uday (2998)
• India
7 Dec 08
Hi frnds, i will prefer a mountain its a unforgettable moments. I have gone to mountains with my family it was a great unforgettable moments in my life.I will never forget this type of moments. it was a nice trip to a mountain.The nature was so beautiful and very nice to see a mountain.