How is this?

@srganesh (6345)
December 7, 2008 5:03am CST
Me starting a discussion and it gets only 2 or 3 responses.And another starts the same with different frame of question under another topic and responses are flowing like anything!How is this made?Whether they have more friends answering for the sake of friendship or it just came under a different topic?I dont blame the other to steal my idea.It may be just a coincidence.But how it works is my question.Please explain!
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@maean_19 (4660)
• Philippines
7 Dec 08
That happens all the time my dear. Get used to it. Discussions are sometimes recycled and rephrased. I admit i do that to. I will either respond to a discussion and when it interests me or when an idea comes out, I would also make a discussion like that and just rephrase it or even polish the discussion that i have responded. There are also times that I have past discussions which I noticed to have been posted by others in a current date.
@relundad (2311)
• United States
7 Dec 08
It could be a number of things. It could be the subject line of one drew more attention. It could be that the person has more people that were notified of the discussion. It could be timing. It could be the catagory that the topics are listed under. It could be the position you took in the original post. It could be that taglines brought it under similiar discussions more often....As I said any number of things can be the reason, the list goes on.