Anti-aging therapy how to take the campaign to achieve food A

December 7, 2008 6:54am CST
(A) 1 Why do some people eight, 90-year-old still prepared, in good health. And some people forties and fifties Laotailongzhong, in addition to genetic factors, with the working environment and living conditions, the health care-related. For thousands of years, with many of emperors in order not to find the old magic brains Shen Dan, gone to great pains to nothing in the end. Life is impossible. But health and longevity can be achieved. Scientists have in the genome project to find the cause of human aging gene, the gene changed, while prolonging life, but this method is becoming Daisha, the ancient sages who seems to promote self-health care is to prevent Medical, health and longevity is all about. I told you a set of therapeutic exercise program to combat aging.
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