He's finally eating it!!!

December 7, 2008 3:29pm CST
My son is 5, when he was a baby he would eat anything, as he grew up he became fussy and went through a stage of eating pasta, cucumber, ketchup, bread and butter and apples and bananas, well he has never really eaten meat although at a friends he will eat chicken dippers or fish fingers, well tonight for dinner he had a turkey dinosaur, 2 chicken dippers, cucumber, 1 smilie face and 2 happy star (potato things) and he ate the lot!!! I was amazed, I even checked the bin as I couldn't believe it, it just goes to show, never give up, if my son can do it then your child can to!!
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• Japan
7 Dec 08
Congratulations!!! It's great when our kids start to eat "properly". My kids went through the same fussyness, my six year still has days where I wonder if she will ever eat any real food!! I now have the opposite problem, two teenage boys who seem to think that the refrigerator restocks itself everyday!! I'm amazed at my oldest he eats non stop, is not the sporty kind but NEVER puts weight on!!! Hope your son continues eating well!! Jacks
8 Dec 08
Thanks for your response, glad I'm not the only one with fussy kids!!! After dinner my son also thinks the kitchen is a cafe which is continuously open, it drives me mad but he does often eat fruit and yoghurts at night so I can't moan to much I guess!