Your plans for the new year?

December 7, 2008 11:12pm CST
What are your plans for the new year? Last year I went to college, moved in with my boyfriend, and pretty much just relaxed. This new year my goals are fairly simple. Find a job in the health care field, do some volunteering, have a few family and friend get together's, take a few trips home to see my family, maybe even take a trip to the states to see something I've never seen. I want to do a lot of traveling but I also want to pay off some bills. So we will see what happens. What are you planning to do?
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• United States
8 Dec 08
This year I would once again like to try my hand at quitting smoking. But besides that (which I have been trying to do for like 5 years now) I plan to start a new job, finish my BA, and start building some healthier routines and rituals into my life. Things have been pretty stressful for a really long time and I am looking forward to using some time to try and remodel my life a little to ease what negativity and stress I can out of it.
• Canada
8 Dec 08
I gave up on quitting smoking, it will happen when it happens. I just hope its sooner then later... Good luck with that I know it is a VERY hard thing to do even with all the extras to help it still isn't the same.
@munhozmib (3851)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
8 Dec 08
Hello! I have not made any big plans for 2009. I have two main ideas in my mind that I will try to follow the entire year. They are: LEARN and ENJOY. That's all I expect from 2009. Learning with things that I live, learning from my mistakes, learning from mistakes of the other people... Learning from the things that I do correctly too! Learn from nature, from love, from life at all aspects. And enjoy. You can learn things in a painful way, or in a boring way. I want to learn and enjoy every moment. I will learn to get around anything that gives me trouble. No more heartaches, no more problems, no more sadness. 2009. The happy year. Respectfully, Munhozmib.
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• India
8 Dec 08
I live about 30 minutes from the city, and i can tell you this much...its TOO crowded. No possible way of getting a cab, your getting pushed and shoved ALL the time if you go to see the ball drop, and getting a hotel is so expensive and almost impossible to get a nice room :( I suggest going to an island resort, i did that for the new millenium and it was AWESOME! Caneel Bay is the ultimate place. I suggest going there!
• Philippines
9 Dec 08
I live here in the City. On the first day of the year 2009 I have to spent it with my parents home. I am planning to find work while studying and have a boyfriend. At 24 I am still single and virgin I have to find one. Life is not getting better alone nowadays so I've decided to have a boyfried next year.